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Our Company – Johnco Construction

Johnco Construction operates as one of the top commercial construction companies throughout Central Illinois. Based in Mackinaw, we are contractors who proudly serve Peoria, Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Urbana, Springfield, Decatur and surrounding areas where our projects make a difference for those communities. In addition, our company supports autism awareness and other charities that benefit friends and neighbors in areas we serve. Founded in 1986, we deliver high-quality General Contracting and Construction Management services to our clients.

Created to Construct

Our company was founded in 1986. Since that time, we have earned respect for our integrity, performance, safety and excellence from our commercial construction clients. Most importantly, we make building safe our top priority because we know the importance of every project we undertake. For that reason, we put taking pride in our safety as the first rung on our company ladder of success.

Contractors Building Relationships



Johnco Construction builds lasting relationships whenever our contractors work on projects. After all, these buildings house the students, healthcare professionals, religious congregations and other members of our communities. We keep their safety and the functionality of our creations in mind while we are self-performing complex engineering and construction projects. Furthermore, we manage to operate in a fair, economical and professional manner, while also taking care of our employees and their families. In order to get an idea of the projects we work on, read this list of industries we serve:

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional
  • Laboratory
  • Military
  • Religious

Our Team Wants to Be Your Team

Helmed by the father-son team of Bob and Paul Berns, Johnco Construction will continue to deliver quality work and build lasting relationships into the future. We want to turn our team into your commercial construction team today. Therefore, call us at 309-359-3000 or contact us online if you need quality work with your vision in mind. Located at 107 W First Street in Mackinaw, we can act quickly to get to work for you.