Richard A. Krall

IGW has had the opportunity to work with Johnco Construction for over 10 years. They have been the general contractor on several of our projects, but more recently on Yankee Ridge Elementary School and Cunningham Children’s Home with both located in Urbana, IL. Yankee Ridge is a $10 million, 67,000 SF expansion and renovation of a 1968 elementary school and Cunningham Children’s Home is a new $10 million, 50,000 SF education and recreation facility.

Johnco is an honest and hardworking general contractor who puts the needs of the client first. Their team approach and attitude of problem solving is instrumental in successfully completing large projects and is highly valued by our firm. They respond quickly and respectfully to all questions, comments or concerns that are brought forward by the client or architect. Coordination is always a challenge for any project, but they do an excellent job of keeping everyone on point and focused. If we were not satisfied with the end result of an installation, they would have it corrected, no questions asked.

I would highly recommend Johnco Construction to lead any construction project and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.