Darrell Schaver

As you consider Construction Firms for your upcoming project, I would like to recommend Johnco Construction, Inc. based on our school district’s positive experience with them over the years.

Johnco Construction has been the successful low bidder and have completed several significant projects recently for Springfield School District 186: The projects included major HVAC upgrades to Addams Elementary, McClernand Elementary, Iles Elementary and Lincoln Middle School.

These projects were particularly challenging because of the time limitations in completing several months of work in the short timeframe school districts have for construction projects during the summer. Johnco Construction took control of the site, and did an outstanding job of managing the construction activity.

They also successfully completed ADA modifications at Lanphier High School, which was done while school was in session and with no interruption in the school schedule.

Whenever challenges arose during the construction process, Johnco Construction could be counted on to provide the leadership needed to focus on solutions. We felt that Johnco Construction always put the school district’s expectations for quality-before -any other interests.