With a broad range of experience working with armories, hangars and veteran medical services providers, we are very proud to showcase our construction firm. Having done several multi-million dollar projects on fast-track schedules, we have the knowledge and right people to serve you.

As you may notice, we have completed several projects in Central Illinois and developed strong relationships with a variety of local subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and Owners. A few notable owners include:

  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Camp Butler National Cemetary
  • Peoria Army Aviation
  • Arsenal Island Clocktower
  • Bloomington Armory

Projects include medical center renovations and renovations to historic landmarks along with roof replacements and other facility improvements. We have succeeded on all of them.

Having a strong base in your are will ensure your building a constant presence before, during and even for years to come after completion. When you hire us, you will get personal service and attention.

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