Our Services

Johnco Construction is an experienced general contractor, with the capability to perform complex projects. The majority of our work comes from low bid contracts for communities. That places a special obligation upon us, to perform all things with excellence while keeping within budgetary constraints.

We’re pleased to say that we’ve lived up to these expectations and will continue to do so, whether we’re serving communities or the private sector. We wholeheartedly embrace development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising future generations.

General Contracting

Johnco Construction

Make no mistake about the construction industry; collectively, we are the problem-solvers, the doers, and the innovators.

Johnco Construction serves communities, businesses and the public, by self-performing complex engineering and construction projects. In a teamwork environment, we operate in a fair, cost effective and professional manner, while caring for our employees and their safety. We oversee construction operations and work with our group of key subcontractors on hard bid projects.


Johnco Construction

Our project team works with the Owner toward the common goal of achieving improved functionality, lowered costs and higher quality during the pre-bid planning and design phase.

At Johnco Construction, we have a dedicated team of problem-solvers. We possess a deep understanding of infrastructure life cycles, and we develop intricate and cost-efficient solutions when a challenge presents itself. We apply these skills to remove unnecessary costs — without reducing quality, safety, life cycle, reliability, dependability and aesthetical considerations.

Construction Management

Johnco Construction

Construction management optimizes the allocation of time, money, and resources. This process allows each contractor on the project to perform their best work, while the construction manager provides the supervision and administration of the project.

The services provided by construction management usually fall into one of four categories: project administration, project construction supervision, project construction planning, and performance of construction work. This method of construction offers many benefits, because the construction manager is motivated to protect the owner’s interests  — particularly their costs.

Construction Management enables you to choose administration and at the same time, retain bidding participation. As a result, we add value to your project. Johnco works with the design teams to circumvent any potential design issues, and performs value engineering. Once contract documents are established, we receive competitive bids for each scope of work and manage the contracts and field operations during construction.